Commercial Services

Invest in peace of mind

We take the time to learn about your property and investment goals.


Save yourself the headache of routine property maintenance. Our team assumes ownership of all aspects of your facility’s daily function, delivering reliable value-add services that pay for themselves


Let our experts evaluate contractors, specify requirements, offer recommendations, negotiate binding contracts, and oversee the entire process for all your board-approved projects

Fuel & Energy

Secure the best utility prices to keep your property powered for the long term. We insist on stringent supervision of all purchases, monitoring consumption and logging inventory for full savings


Whatever business your property houses, our procurement specialists manage your purchasing, stocking and inventory needs, leveraging our economies of scale to lock in the lowest prices


From mechanical equipment and work systems to ground maintenance and more, our proactive managers monitor things closely, anticipating problems before they occur


Adopt a personalized MetPac program and we handle all your written, verbal and online maintenance requests, covering everything from laundry machines to gym equipment repair

Our in-house team of proffesionals

Since entering the management scene nearly 25 years ago, the MetPac name has stood for inspired improvement in all areas of real estate. With strategy, supervision and smart technology living side by side, we remain committed to elevating the value of each property under our care. We believe high standards are a goal, not a hope. As your third-party manager, that translates into a strict focus on our fiduciary duties. A standard-bearer for higher living, we serve owners and tenants as personally as possible, creating an atmosphere of total accountability and transparency. We answer to you—whatever the question

Asset management

Invest in smart, reliable money management and keep accountable record of revenue, expenses, operating efficiencies and property performance:

  • Monthly rent and revenue intake
  • Arrears management
  • Reserve account management
  • Incoming bill posting
  • Bill verification prior to payment
  • Complete payroll services
  • Preparation of federal, state, city and unemployment forms for monthly/quarterly/annual filings
  • Provision of 1098/1099 forms
  • Audit and tax coordination
  • Invoice issuance for repair work


  • Balance sheet monitoring
  • Cash reconciliation reports
  • Income/expense reports
  • Accounts receivable aging reports
  • Accounts payable aging reports
  • Disbursement registers
  • Proactive budgeting
  • Budget variance reports
  • Bank account reconciliation reports

Budgeting &

Get a clear, comprehensive look at your property’s performance with MetPac’s annual assessments. Our in-house CPAs deliver deep-dive data on the condition of your building and its necessary improvements

Service Contract

Suspect you could be saving more? Our shrewd, aggressive staff reviews and renegotiates your existing service contracts, including boiler, elevator, water, extermination, landscaping and other maintenance


Maximize employee productivity and efficiency through customized supervisory services. MetPac develops and implements work agendas and systems specially suited for your work environment

General Services

To keep your business’ daily operations humming, depend on MetPac for wide-ranging administrative support:

  • Creative cost-cutting solutions
  • Employee management
  • Business correspondence
  • Permit procurement
  • Relations with inspectors, fire, police and other officials
  • Monthly reporting
  • Proactive compliance initiatives
  • Attorney engagement
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Insurance coverage
  • Sublet matters
  • Board and committee meetings
  • Treasury concerns
  • Staff and tenant complaints
  • Comprehensive repair records

MetPac’s Elite All-Inclusive Package

Thanks to our multidimensional and multidisciplinary team, we can provide you with one unified service package that delivers everything your property needs.

That means we put our best people to the task of helping your property outperform the market. You never have to worry about what service coverage you do and do not have. It’s all here, committed to your building’s short- and long-term wellbeing.

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