Moving can be overwhelming, but at
MetPac it can be exciting and even fun.

MetPac Rentals(TM) is here to make the change as smooth and convenient as possible for you by providing you with the best personal rental services in the nation.

As an apartment building owner, MetPac eases your burden of keeping all parties cooperative. We manage rental matters on your behalf, ensuring permanent compliance and negotiating strong rates that make everyone happy. We answer to you—whatever the question


To get your apartment leased out quickly to quality
tenants, we handle general
repairs, equipment
replacements and any
other cosmetic and/or
structural upgrades


Skilled at showcasing value,
we secure quality tenants
and deliver end-to-end
screening, marketing,
contract negotiation and
other integral parts of the
move-in/move-out process


We keep tabs on current
tenants, making sure your
investment performs to
agreed-upon standards,
and manage all important
paperwork for a peaceful
leasing experience