The Young Women Entrepreneurs Fellowship (YWEF) will provide training to 30 young women in communications, leadership, critical thinking, marketing and business development.

These young women, none of whom require a background in IT, will acquire practical hands-on experience in driving technology adoption with rural customers, agribusinesses and farmers. The program will take place in Gisenyi, Northern Province and will run from July – October 2017 and will include:

6 full-day boot- camps

Weekly meetings with experienced mentors

Weekly field work with customers/ farmers

An opportunity to pitch at the closing event to a panel of expert judges

Competing for the N-Frnds Young Women Entrepreneur Award

Income generation and employment opportunities upon graduation


What is the time commitment?

  • 6 full-day boot-camps (between July- October)
  • Weekly meetings with your mentors.
  • Minimum one day per week talking to customers
  • All fellows will be required to take part in at least 75% of all activities to graduate

I am not an entrepreneur/don’t know about technology?

No problem, this program is designed for young women who have a desire to learn about and gain entrepreneurial experience, no prior technology or entrepreneurial experience required, just a willingness to learn!

What language will the fellowship be in?

Facilitation will be both in English and Kinyarwandan, slides and presentations will be in English, mentors and N-Frnds team will speak Kinyarwanda.

What are the costs involved?

We provide the full training free of charge, stipends will be available for lunch and travel for conducting demos with potential customers, lunch and refreshments will be provided during boot-camps.