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Educational Efforts

Generating change in the urban landscape must be accompanied by a similar process to the community. The restoration of historic colonial buildings is not completed without preserving the unique social fiver and human heritage of Casco Viejo.

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The community and educational activity is lead by Dr. Barak Afik, a founding partner of Panterra, a culture researcher and a PhD on the Pre-Columbian cultures of Latin America. He is the visionary behind Soy Panameno program which aims to empower pertinence and national pride feelings among the Panamanian people in general and the public service managers in particular.

In order to encourage young Panamanians to gain work opportunities, Educacion Tecnica Panama (Edutep) was launched. Over 1,000 graduates received operative up-to-date tools to start their career, followed by a diploma certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MiVi).

Within Casco Viejo Panterra is constantly initiating social and community activities. Best example is El Nino program; Spanish-to-English voluntary classroom where both tourists and local youth from neighborhood are invited to exchange their knowledge and to gain a new language. One hour of such a basic and pure engagement is often resulted by a tour through “road less traveled” of the Old City’s authentic streets lead by the local youngsters.

Panterra is working closely to with authorities to increase the number of community gardens, playgrounds, sitting areas and other public activities to strengthen the social backbone of the neighborhood.